Our Work

ShiftIN’s partners have led numerous engagements throughout our careers, from full-fledged enterprise-wide transformations to discrete initiatives. Individually and collectively, we have extensive experience in a broad range of sectors, including government (national-, provincial- and municipal-level), utilities, infrastructure, oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, financial services, telecommunications, and internet. We’ve also guided many major diversified companies.


balanced scoreard and strategy in uaeStrategy Delivery Office
Our consultants have supported the top management of a GCC governmental entity to an effective operationalisation of a 2011-2030 nation-wide strategy addressing the challenges related to demographics. At the same time, we act as the advisors for the strategy execution and performance management at the entity, working directly with all the relevant stakeholders and internal departments.

Strategic Plan Development for a GCC Government Entity
Our experts helped this government entity in charge of the Judicial Sector define Department’s contribution to the Country’s Economic Vision 2030, followed by the required execution framework based on strategic objectives, measures and actions linked to the budgeting process. The engagement also included benchmarking to international best practices in Europe, USA and Australia, and defining the Strategy Delivery Office and the necessary Governance Model for execution.

Integrated Strategy & Performance Management System

ShiftIN Partners supported the Implementation of a EPM Tool for the entity, from installation, configuration, training and on-going support with a comprehensive content review and improvement to enable the development of a performance driven culture.

Capability and Awareness Building Programme

In close coordination with the Strategy and Performance and the HR departments of a Government Authority overseeing the Food Control and Agriculture sectors, ShiftIN Partners developed a tailored made training program that raises awareness and develops strategy execution capabilities of key personnel on the Planning and Performance process. This ‘Master Class‘ has been  fully adapted to the entity with cases and examples from the sector.

Resetting the Strategy Execution Agenda for a Public Service Provider
Working together with the Strategy Team, ShiftIN Partners facilitated the 2013 strategy definition process for this Municipal Entity operating in the GCC. With the participation of the Chairman and all Executive Directors of the different branches, the discussion was centered on how to deliver higher value to the citizens and its implication into the process transformation using the unique methodology of the Business Model Generation.

Strategy Execution Office Implementation Support
In the strategic path to fulfill its mandate in supporting the development of a specific region in a GCC country, this governmental entity created a Strategy Execution Office, staffed with ShiftIN Consultants,  to lead the implementation of the long term strategy. Our team is providing advice and overall support in all aspects of execution, including strategic planning, performance management, quality and excellence and stakeholders’ communication.

Strategic Planning and Performance Management Process

At a newly created governmental entity created to enable the transformation of the agriculture sector, ShiftIN Partners  facilitated the creation of a clear strategy, reviewed organisational structure and developed a management framework at all levels of the organisation, engaging more than 40 managers in the process and providing overall awareness and training for the general staff.


balanced scoreard and strategy in uae

Enhancing the Retail Banking Operating Model
Working closely with the Retail Banking Management Team of one of the main banks in the Arab World, ShiftIN Partners has analyzed the current positioning of a bank in the retail segments, and helped design and implement a new operating model in line with industry best practices and market needs. This is to keep this major player as a leading institution regarded as one of the largest banks in the Arab World.


balanced scoreard and strategy in uae

Corporate Execution Framework, Cascading and Alignment
For this large private holding in the UAE, ShiftIN Partners have developed the corporate strategy management framework that has provided the architecture to cascade the strategy to all business units and shared service centers resulting in a major alignment effort throughout the group. ShiftIN Partners maintains its relationship with the group as Strategy Execution advisor for the execution of the Strategic Plan.

Strategic Planning and Strategy Execution Framework
Partnering with the management team of this Bahraini Family Holding, our consultants have facilitated an exhaustive process of strategic analysis to define a new set of strategic goals for the group that will set the pace for the strategy execution during the coming years.

Creation of a Shared Services Center

At this Dubai-based Media Conglomerate, composed of seven independent agencies, ShiftIN helped create the future Shared Service Center to unify the main finance and back office processes into one centralized and efficient service unit that enables all the agencies through the provision of effective and measurable back office services. In addition to that, the Service Center was expected to deliver a 20% cost reduction compared to the previous stage.

Strategy Management Roadmap
During the annual process of reviewing the strategy, this major player of the catering industry decided to engage with ShiftIN Partners in order to benchmark its strategy and performance process against best practices. Working closely with the management team, ShiftIN Partners conducted an overarching assessment using our signature 4A’s model. The recommendations were discussed in a 3-day workshop where the management team developed its full strategy and execution roadmap for the next 3 years.



Development of Strategy Execution Framework
ShiftIN consultants supported this Major Utility Group  to enhance its strategic capabilities throughout a journey that lasted more than 3 years.  From strategy definition, cascading it to departmental plans, implementing the required governance model and organisation structure, and the creation of the Strategy Delivery Office to manage and lead strategy execution.



Strategy Execution Partnership
Partnering with the management team, ShiftIN Partners supported this important player of the Oil and Gas logistics sector to define its strategy. After the plan was developed, ShiftIN Partners designed and implemented the Strategy Delivery Office in charge of managing the implementation of the strategy. Under this partnership agreement we share the risk and benefits of the outcome of the strategic plan in a unique demonstration of commitment to our customers’ results.



Human Capital Alignment
ShiftIN developed a comprehensive grading structure for the organisation, helping to define more than 150 job profiles across three different companies of this stock exchange listed holding. The work conducted includes an assessment of the HR policies and practices, an evaluation of the different job profiles and job roles, and an alignment of the different compensation and benefits to grading.  The engagement helped the company standardize its compensation scheme in line with international best practices.


Business Model Generation and Capability Development
As part of ShiftIN’s CSR initiatives, we provide ongoing advisory to one of the largest UAE based charity organisations, that aims to improve children’s access to quality primary education in more than 28 developing countries. Advisory was provided using different methodologies such as Business Model Generation, Strategy Maps, Business Planning, among others.

Strategic Plan 2013-2016
ShiftIN Partners supported the definition of the Vision and Mission with clear Strategic Aspirations, translated in pragmatic Objectives. Those were mapped and connected, with comprehensive Key Performance Indicators that allow to have aligned, but ambitious and achievable, targets. To achieve the set targets a set of initiatives that close actual/future performance gaps of the organisation were also defined.