Data Analytics

20 April 2018, Friday



  • Learn the business basics of Data Analytics, how to manage in the age of Data Analytics
  • How to find the insights to apply strategic business decisions
  • Understand how Data Analytics can be the building foundation for growth
  • How Data Analytics can define the metrics to manage your business
  • How to develop an Analytics culture in your organization


Data is the New Oil and the currency of the new economy. In this workshop executives will learn how “What data is telling you about your business”

Today organizations gather lots of data about customer behavior, product usage and services they try to keep an eye on market trend and competitive forces, at the same time customer demands are changing quickly and technology innovation is affecting the way organizations interact with customers. In this age anything we do is generating data, whether you’re making a call, using ATM for cash, your card for payment, booking a ticket for travel or even using social media. Tons of data is being stored and analyzed to get a better insights into customer behavior

With the above challenges organizations are trying to gather data from different systems to make the right decisions. The role of senior executives today is to analyze data to solve problems, offer new services, enhance business offering and suggestion solutions, without accurate information executives end up taking the wrong turn or No Decision is a Good Decision.

Today, Data Analytics is no longer just an experimental tool. Many companies have begun to achieve
real results with the approach, and are expanding their efforts to encompass more data and models. In this workshop we will present the benefits for Data Analytics and how organizations can get the real value out of it.


This workshop is targeting c-level executives and managers who are tasked with major decisions that impact the business, and they are being challenged on a daily basis to find information and data to guide organizations on the proper path. This executive seminar will provide with actionable insight that can be applied by them the very next day.

Whether you are embarking on a new data analytics project or working in a mature data environment, this workshop will offer you a range skills and techniques at the heart of successful BI and data analytics landscape. The workshop format provides a high-impact learning experience with significant interactivity.


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