Digital Transformation

20 April 2018, Friday



  • Identify how Digitization impacts your organization
  • Define why you should be prepare to undertake a Digital Transformation
  • Learn how to be a Digital Ready organization
  • Idnetify the capabilities that you will require to develop in order to support your Digital journey
  • Be at the forefront of knowledge, having better understanding of this global trend


Digitization is a global trend, by the year 2020 an entire generation will have grown up in a digital world. The impact that Digital has brought to business cannot be underestimated, and Senior Executives & Managers, regardless the sector that they work for, should be fully prepared to adjust their strategies and operations to make the most out of it.

This training course aims to provide you with the elements of understanding three major questions: First of all, you will learn how digital transformation can impact your firm business model. It will tackles the reasons why you should jump in digital transformation and the benefits provided by such evolution. Then, we will give you the keys to get your company ready for the digital transformation. In the end, we will also work on how to launch a digital transformation program with you organization or make it a success.



Day 1: Why jump into the digital transformation?

  • Digital Transformation benefits
  • Digital Transformation case studies

Day 2: Set up a “digital ready” company

  • Go digital internally
  • Cybersecurity role

Day 3: How to launch and succeed in your digital transformation?

  • Strategic roadmap vs pragmatic approach
  • Key elements to implement and drive a digital transformation


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