Leading to Make Strategy Happen

20 April 2018, Friday

Leading to Make Strategy Happen


  • Develop the leadership skills needed to drive your strategy.
  • Understand the role of the leaders during the planning and execution phase.
  • Learn how to leverage best-in-class governance models to drive change in your organisation.
  • Gain the skills required to manage change in your organisation.
  • Learn how to master the 4As model: Awakening, Ability, Accountability and Achievement.


Successful organisations need to invest in the development of their leaders in order to guarantee strong internal capabilities that will sustain the competitive advantage and will enhance the service/product delivery. This program equips key decision makers with the advanced execution skills they need to excel in driving their strategy, thus in the achievement of their organisations’ long term goals and outcomes. Participants will gain the knowledge needed to manage change and make sure that strategy really happens, and does not get stuck in a binder!

The course is structured in two stages. First, it builds the essential skills that leaders need to know in order to manage change within their organisations. Concepts like change management, reasons to change, barriers faced, and the role of the leaders will be discussed. The second stage will walk participants through the different components of ShiftIN’s 4As Model: Awakening, Accountability, Ability, and Achievement.


This course is designed for leaders in private and public organisations, such as C-level executives, general managers, directors, and members of the top management team of the organisation, who are seeking to improve or build the leadership skills required to successfully drive their strategies.

Whether you are here to learn about the concepts of change management or to understand the role of the leaders in driving the organisation, this course will instil the important concepts for you to execute your strategy.

This is not a course in generic leadership. It is a hand-on experience for leaders on how to succeed in the art of strategy execution.


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ilm_210x90Course officially Endorsed by the ILM
This course is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM). Upon successful completion and assessment, participants will receive an endorsed certificate.