Linking Risk Management with Strategy

20 April 2018, Friday

Linking Risk Management with Strategy


  • Learn how to set your risk appetite.
  • Gain detailed knowledge of enterprise and operational risk management.
  • Learn how to actually develop a strategy and risk framework.
  • Develop an initial strategy.
  • Get hands-on with the concept, you will walk out with the first version of a risk framework for your organisation.


In the wake of the credit crunch in 2008/09, and the on-going difficulties within the world economy, shareholders, boards and regulators are now demanding that organisations and their executive teams develop greater understanding and insight into the organisational risk-taking. In particular, these stakeholders want to have confidence that the organisational risk appetite is well defined and cascaded through-out the organisation; they want to be assured that the organisation is ‘operating within appetite’, i.e risk-taking is aligned to the appetite as encapsulated within the organisation.

To effectively manage and monitor the relationship between risk appetite and risk exposure, thus driving strategic execution, organisations need to move beyond traditional, silo oriented performance and risk management approaches and instead take an integrated and aligned approach. In this bootcamp, participants will learn the Risk-based Performance Management methodology which builds upon and integrates the Balanced Scorecard, COSO and ISO31000 framework. This provides a proven approach to managing and monitoring strategic objectives, their risk appetite and risk exposure.


This course is designed for people in private and public organisations, from analysts to managers and directors, who are seeking to either implement or refine their strategy management frameworks, and implement a strong strategic alignment within their organisations.

It is also designed for organisations that seek to optimize their current structure and enable their most avid practitioners to mobilise their efforts based on the current best practices in business performance management.


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