Strategic Projects and Programme Management

20 April 2018, Friday

Strategic Projects and Program Management


  • Learn how to identify which projects are important and require prioritisation
  • Learn how to keep track of multiple projects within the organisation.
  • Learn how to initiate and delegate a project efficiently and effectively within the organisation.
  • Learn how to select project managers and structure project teams for maximum success.
  • Learn how to identify projects that are at risk and what to do about it.


In today’s business environment the number of projects is steadily increasing. Every manager is usually directly or indirectly responsible for the successful completion of several projects at any given point in time. However, the skills required to manage a variety of projects, allocate resources efficiently and effectively, decide which ones require prioritisation, and identify ones that are at risk are often not available. This training course approaches Project Management from a Strategic and Programme level view and enables managers to lead a number of projects to completion and teaches them how to identify and resolve risks, delays and team issues.


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Course officially Endorsed by the ILM
This course is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM). Upon successful completion and assessment, participants will receive an endorsed certificate.

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