Strategy Delivery Office

What is The Strategy Delivery Office (SDO)?

Based on the concept developed by Drs. Kaplan & Norton in 2007 and enhanced by ShiftIN Partners practical experience, the Strategy Delivery Office (SDO) is responsible for defining the structure and the detailed implementation of the strategy.   It guarantees that the Strategy execution processes are sound, that roles and responsibilities are in place, and that proper accountability is enforced. The SDO plays a leadership role in driving strategy execution, ensuring everyone’s contribution towards it.

Assess your strategy execution capabilities

Understanding the current state of your strategy execution capabilities is the initial step of a successful execution journey. Our best practice assessment provides a comprehensive view around 40 key elements that define the readiness of the organization in terms of strategy execution.

Through our comprehensive assessment methodology you will have a fact-based, expert view of the current state of your strategy, balanced scorecard tools, employee engagement practices, reporting and monitoring, and initiative management process.

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Moreover, using the Strategy Execution Barometerwe can benchmark your current state against worldwide benchmarks and best practices to identify the key areas where the organisation can improve. Providing examples of best practices whenever applicable to illustrate the gaps.

Finally, we co-design, together with your team the required actions, resources and structure necessary to evolve the current execution practice. We make specific recommendations to ensure buy in from both the management team and the main stakeholders in order to succeed in its implementation.

sdo image02The Strategy Execution Barometer ™

The Strategy Execution Barometer is the leading resource worldwide for practical, fact-based Strategy Execution market data.

It provides you with up-to-date information to evaluate the execution capabilities of your organisation. The Strategy Execution Barometer is based on Strategy Execution data from 1400+ companies, 36 countries and 23 sectors. It provides a detailed gap analysis between your organisation and the best-in-class.

How we do it?

We work closely with the leadership team, during a short period of time, to generate maximum impact. We review the existing processes and tools that enable the implementation of your strategy. In parallel, we conduct the Strategy Execution Barometer to benchmark you against best practices. The gaps are identified and illustrated into a Shift Agenda, which contains the main transformations required to achieve world class level in strategy execution. Finally, we develop a roadmap that is agreed with the client team and that considers the maturity, resources and culture of your organisation.

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Case Studies


The Statistics Centre of Abu Dhabi (SCAD) produces more than 1200 official statistics that help policy makers, investors and citizens to make better decisions every day. Armed with a mix of exceptional leadership, talented people and best practice systems, SCAD has managed to transition from a startup into a reference for other statistical offices in the region, in just a few years. The article below explains how a rigorous focus on strategy and execution, through an established Strategy Delivery Office has played an essential role in its story of success.


At a National Oil & Gas company in the Middle East, we conducted a detailed assessment of its strategy management and performance management process, benchmarked this against best practices (using the Strategy Execution Barometer) and developed a strategy roadmap to tackle the identified gaps. A tailored made capability building program was delivered to the Strategy Team in order to boost its ability to implement the recommendations.

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 The case for having a Strategy Delivery Office in the Statistics Centre of Abu Dhabi

By Carlos Guevara, Partner at ShiftIN Partners and Khaled Al Hashmi, Executive Director-Strategy, Policy and Business Excellence at the Statistics Centre of Abu Dhabi.