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The ShiftIN Way – Driving Results from withIN

The journey from awakening to achievement begins with a shift.

Think of strategy execution as a journey, from awakening to achievement…a cyclic process of discovery, action, results achieved and insights gained that propel your organisation toward its strategic destination.

With clarity, insight, and discipline—and an unwavering focus on results—ShiftIN Partners can help you embark on a journey of strategy execution. Working hand in hand with you, we co-enable your strategy from within.


strategy management consultants in uae and ksa The journey begins with a strategic AWAKENING, as we help you define your strategic destination, communicate it, and assign it sponsorship.

That awakening may be as simple as realising that before committing resources to a major implementation, you’d be better off first clarifying your strategy. This first stage is all about understanding what to do before mobilizing your people, management and employees alike.

strategy management consultants in uae and ksa We help empower you with the ABILITY to execute. That means equipping you with the tools, the processes, and the knowledge to move from plan to action, from the C-suite to the cubicle.

Change management is an integral part of the process; without it, progress will falter or cease altogether. Also essential to the journey is…

Accountability-03 … instilling ACCOUNTABILITY throughout the organisation. Getting people engaged is about getting people invested in outcomes.

Together, we design ways to link individual and team performance to organisational performance—ways that foster everyone’s abiding commitment to the strategy.

Accountability-03 As you put plan into action, you begin to ACHIEVE the results you strive for.

Through customised approaches and efficient, proven solutions tailored to your organisation’s unique needs and challenges, ShiftIN can help you achieve the results you desire and advance your organisation’s ultimate goals and mission—at the best value possible. As your trusted partner, we help you build the capabilities and strengths you need to ensure your continuous achievement, as your strategy evolves.

Learn all the ways in which ShiftIN Partners can help you on your strategy execution journey, wherever on the path you may currently be.

How We Can Help

co enabling your strategy from within

Our Offerings and Methodologies

Whether you need end-to-end guidance or support for specific stages of your execution journey, ShiftIN Partners has the expertise, the tools, and the insights to help you succeed.

ShiftIN Partners has no vested interest in any given methodology; we are guided only by our expertise in choosing the solution that best meets the client’s needs.




Among our offerings and methodologies:

To assess, clarify and gain insight on strategy
Strategic Assessment
Strategy Definition
Leadership Engagement
Co-creation and Innovation
Scenario Planning
To evaluate and build execution capability
Balanced Scorecard and Delivery Framework
Performance Management
Initiatives Management Framework
Business Process Alignment and Operating Model Redesign
Risk-based Performance
Performance-based Budgeting
To instill commitment and motivate your people
Organisational Alignment
Employee Alignment (personal objectives and competencies)
Performance-based Compensation
Strategy Communication
Stakeholder Engagement
To track performance and ensure results
Strategy Delivery Office
Governance Model Plan and Execution
Programme Management Office
Monitoring, Analysis and Decision Making Processes
Reporting Automation and Business Intelligence Capabilities

Consulting Services

Our professionals have successfully led several consulting engagements worldwide, Partnering with customers in the Government, Utilities & Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Financial Services and Telecommunications sectors. (Read more about the sectors we are in)

Our consulting engagements typically imply solving a specific problem, developing a new process, implementing a specific organisational change or developing new capabilities. No matter what the problem is, sometimes our clients need to speed up results by adding some additional capacity to their internal team. That’s why we are always ready to deploy a team of experienced consultants in order to deliver the expected value in the optimal time.

We like our consulting teams to have a high dedication of Partner’s time. We always have senior personnel on the ground working hand in hand with our customer’s team.  Our Partners are always there to support you in the critical moments.

We don’t believe in external consultants that know all the answers and tell the client what to do. We don’t believe in magic potions or generic solutions. We work side by side with our customer in a way of work that we like to call ‘co enabling’. Under this concept we describe our way of work in which our team and the client’s team become one. We believe in working together to find creative solutions solutions tailored to the reality of our customers while deriving maximum gains. Co – enabling value with you, from within.

We are bound by a shared set of values and a culture of support, fellowship, entrepreneurship, trust, respect, and a willingness to go above and beyond to ensure our clients’ success.

Advisory Services

For organisations that have already implemented a sound strategy execution process, but need guidance to advance to the next level of performance, ShiftIN offers advisory services. In this role, we offer expert counsel, rather than the hands-on services of a team of on-site consultants.

As an advisor, we focus on ensuring knowledge transfer and enabling capability building. The client’s team and resources carry out the actual work, guided by our professionals. Throughout the engagement, we play a quality assurance role to ensure the value you seek is created.

Typically, one or more ShiftIN partners will team up with senior managers at the client’s organisation to tackle a specific challenge within a predefined scope. From there, we can transition to shadowing a senior member of the client’s management team as they pursue their daily activities, providing coaching and guidance as needed.

Education & Training

Since the advent of the Balanced Scorecard, created by Robert Kaplan and David Norton, strategy execution has become one of the top organisational priorities of CEOs everywhere. Most executives today recognise that the best formulated strategy is worth little to nothing without solid execution capability. Yet despite this recognition, a surprising number of organisations have failed to master the process and skills that constitute execution capability.

To develop these key managerial skills and competences, ShiftIN Partners offers an array of education and training opportunities to help your organisation bolster its execution strengths, at all levels of the leadership pipeline, from senior-most managers to the strategy leaders of tomorrow.

Our courses