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We partner with renowned speakers and writers such as Jeroen De Flander, Ronald Jonash and Hitendra Patel, to ensure we are always at the edge of strategy & innovation, while providing a window to the latest ideas and best practices to our clients.


Jeroen De Flander: The Strategy Execution Ambassador

Jeroen Destrategy image01 Flander is one of the world’s most influential thinkers on strategy execution and a highly regarded keynote speaker. He has shared the stage with prominent strategists like Michael Porter and has reached 23,500+ leaders in 35+ countries.

His first book Strategy Execution Heroes reached the Amazon bestseller list in 5 countries and was nominated for Management Book of the Year 2012 in the Netherlands. His second book, The Execution Shortcut, reached the #3 spot in its category on Amazon.

Jeroen De Flander is the Chairman of the Institute for Strategy Execution


Dr. Hitendra Patel: The change maker


Hitendra is the Managing Director of the Boston based Center for Innovation, Excellence &Leadership IXL Center and Chair of the Innovation and Growth Program at the Hult International Business School. He co-founded Monitor Group’s Innovation Practice and was a principal of the Arthur D. Little’s Innovation Practice. Hitendra is a thought leader, gives speeches globally and has written various books on innovation.

He has helped over 50 global companies build innovation capabilities including companies like Johnson Controls, Hewlett Packard, LG,, CEMEX, Cadbury, Verizon, and P&G.  Hitendra is a Professor of Innovation and Growth at various top MBA programs and has written books such as Greenovate!, Connectivate! and Healthovate!


Ronald Jonash: Chairman of GIMI and Author of The Innovation Premium

RonJonash1Ron is the chairman of the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI), the world’s largest innovation professional organization. He is also a senior partner at the IXL Center and leads its innovation management practice. He is on the faculty of the Hult International Business School, a partner at a venture capital firm, and on the Advisory board of Arthur D. Little. He was founder and head of Monitor’s Innovation Practice and before that the head of Arthur D. Little’s Technology and Innovation Management Practice. Ron is the author of the book, The Innovation Premium.


Get Certified by the Gurus

Making Strategy Happen Certification Programme – by Jeroen De Flander: 

ISE LogoThis course is the only Strategy Execution training in the GCC certified by the Institute for Strategy Execution . The course is fully endorsed  by Jeroen de Fander and builds on foundations and ideas developed by other renowned gurus like Drs. Kaplan and Norton, Michael Porter and Alex Osterwalder.  It will help you to start your journey through the strategy execution world, or to enhance your achievements in developing a strategy management framework.

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Innovation Management Level 1 – Certified by GIMI

The InGimi 2novation Management Program Level 1, certified by the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) is designed for anyone interested in becoming certified in innovation as a business discipline, from creative minds to innovation professionals to business leaders mastered in innovation management. This applies to anyone who wants to broaden their capabilities in innovation, build a career in innovation, or help their organization become a leader and high performer in both the creation and capture of business value via business innovation and innovation strategies.

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Books by our gurus

executioin shortcut The Execution Shortcut

Most strategies get lost on the long road to success. Connect your strategy with the Heads, Hearts & Hands to uncover The Execution Shortcut.

The strategy journey to success is long and dangerous. Most strategies lose between 40 and 60 percent of their financial potential along the execution highway. There is a path that will make the trip dramatically shorter. It exists in every organisation, but mostly stays hidden. With the help of science, we’ll uncover The Execution Shortcut.

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execution heroesStrategy Execution Heroes

With 300+ execution tips, Strategy Execution Heroes will help you get the job done.

According to research published in the Harvard Business Review, “Companies realise only 40-to-60 percent of their strategies’ potential value”. The rest is lost during execution. Strategy Execution Heroes turns the tide and goes for 100 percent Strategy Execution. Strategy Execution Heroes will help you get the execution job done. But don’t expect complex theories or fancy words. Strategy Execution Heroes gets right to the point with 300+ practical tips and tricks.

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Ronald Jonash, Tom Sommerlatte (at Arthur D. Little)

In today’s constantly shifting marketplace, “innovation” has become the catchword of companies large and small. In The Innovation Premium, Ron Jonash and Tom Sommerlatte draw on years of research and experience to demonstrate-for the first time-that those companies that consistently achieve innovation leadership enjoy measurable advantages, including an average 15 percent increase in shareholder returns. Bridging the gap between the technological and organizational aspects of innovation, the authors show managers at all levels how to move beyond continuous improvement of products and processes to create the “Next Generation Enterprise,” an organization that thrives on innovation and knows how to harness it to create and capture value, spark and speed growth, and achieve the highest standards of performance.

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Ronald Jonash, Victor Fernandes, Hitendra Patel, Steve Wyatt

Connectivate! is a collection of stories of more than fifty innovative companies whose breakthroughs are changing the world. These companies have created a new economic context, making themselves increasingly accessible to create a space-time singularity called Always Available. Hult International Business School Publishing, May 2012

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Ronald Jonash, Tyler McNally, Hitendra Patel

Greenovate! is a compilation of stories of how many of the world’s leading and emerging companies are addressing sustainability issues with profitable solutions that can spur even more innovation, growth and development as individuals and companies realize that being green DOES NOT MEAN being in the red.

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Ronald Jonash, Pamela McNamara, Hitendra Patel

Healthovate! is a collection of stories of more than fifty innovative companies whose breakthroughs are changing the healthcare industry. These companies have created specific breakthroughs that are dramatically changing the way people receive and use products and services that enrich their health and well-being. Hult International Business School Publishing, Dec 2013

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When it comes to big breakthrough ideas, Hitendra doesn’t believe in that one “Eureka” moment. He thinks that all of us have the potential to create new, great ideas and the capacity to make it reality one day. So if everyone has the potential to have great ideas, why aren’t we all becoming genius inventors? Hitendra is trying to figure out if some people can connect the dots faster because they have more dots to begin with – and how we can all get more.

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